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22.65 Ct Rectangular Cabochon Tiger Eye Gemstone

(SKU ID: BR-15716 )

Rs. 1,899


Origin of Gemstone - Brazil
Carat Weight - 22.65 Ct
Approx Dimension - 20mm/16mm/6mm
Color - As Depicted
Treatments - None
Shape/Cut - Rectangular Cabochon

Tiger Eye proves to be highly effective for those, who are in search of peace and calmness. It also balances sexual and emotional energies, and fades away over addictions for the same. In its physical benefits, Tiger Eye holds a healing effect for those suffering from the ailments of eye, stomach, colon, digestion, night-vision, throat, and reproductive system. Tiger Eye also brings spinal cord into proper alignment, and helps in quick recovery from broken bones, injuries, and scrapes.