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6.88 Cts Natural White Sapphire Gemstone-Ceylon Mines

(SKU ID: ALS-254 )

Rs. 137,000


Name of Gemstone - White Sapphire
Total Carat Weight - 6.88 Ct
Origin of Gemstone - Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Approx Dimension - NA
Color of Gem - White
Shape/Cut - Oval Mixed Cut
Treatment - None

Safed pukhraj is the gemstone of Shukra (Planet Venus) has a very important role in Vedic Astrology. In Horoscopes where the shukra is weak or have a malefic aspect on it wearing a Safed Ceylonse Pukhraj reduces the problems to a great extent.  

White Sapphire is very rare. White Sapphire is the natural and affective substitiute to Diamond (Heera) and is believed to be the stone of planet Venus, “SHUKRA”. These white sapphire gemstones are auspicious stones and have a unique aura and are highly effective. These white sapphire gemstones are completely genuine and World class variety.

"WHITE SAPPHIRE is a natural substitute to Diamond the symbol of beauty, luxuries, comforts and glamour. It helps protect from black magic and untimely death... Enhances luck and provides professional opportunities... It is associated to Venus... Your beauty and desires..."

White sapphire or white pukhraj are the same thing. This is stone of Venus and a type of diamond. Wear it in right middle finger on friday in gold or copper.