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8.25 Cts Natural Turquoise Firoza Loose Gemstone

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Origin of Gemstone - Middle East
Carat Weight -8.25 Cts
Approx Dimension - 20mm/14mm/4mm
Shape and Cut- Oval Cabochon
Color - Greenish Blue
Treatments - None

Turquoise is considered as the birth stone of Sagittarius. It is a purification stone. Turquoise is a secondary gemstone that is chiefly opaque.Benefits of Turquoise vary from the fields of medicine to astrology. As it is considered as the oldest gemstone, it carries great wisdom and truth. This gem is very helpful in drawing out negative vibrations from a person. It is worn to bring happiness and good fortune. It is worn to be protected from violence and accidents. This is known as the ancient absorber of 'negativity'. It also helps one develop natural powers.