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5.77 Carat (6.25 Ratti +) Certified Ametrine (Pitambari Substitute) Gemstone

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Name of Gemstone - Ametrine
Origin of Gemstone - Bolivia
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone - 5.77 Carat (6.25 Ratti +)
Approx Dimension of Gemstone - 15.17mm/10.77mm/6.09mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone -Pear Shaped
Color of Gemstone - Bicolor
Treatment - None
Ametrine is most typically faceted in a rectangular shape with a 50-50% pairing of amethyst and citrine. It is Substitute stone for Pitambari stone. Sometimes a checkerboard pattern of facets is added to the top to increase light reflection. Ametrine can also be cut to blend the two colours so that the result is a mixture of yellow, purple, and peach tones throughout the stone. Ametrine is also popular among artistic cutters and carvers, who play with the colours, creating landscapes in the stone.
An Ametrine gemstone is a beautiful and useful tool to use in your life. It will assist you to connect with your higher self, and use the strength of your will to carry through what you learned from Divine sources. This may help you to enhance both your mental and spiritual clarity... and plan to live life from a perspective of Divine Will.