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4.42 Carat Cyclone Untreated Khooni Neelam

(SKU ID: BR-13253 )

Rs. 39,780


Name of Gemstone - Khooni Neelam
Total Carat Weight - 4.42 Ct (5.00 ratti+)
Approx Dimension - 10.14mm/8.41mm/5.03mm
Origin of Gemstone - Ceylon Mines (Sri-Lanka)
Color of Gem - Bluish Purple
Shape and Cut - Cushion Mixed
Treatment - As per Certificate

Khooni neelam stone's wearer achieves name, fame, success, power, source, money, prosperity, love, health everything. After wearing this gem any kind of darkness, black energies, magic or tantra cannot harm him.

The term 'Khooni Neelam' means 'A Bloody Blue Sapphire' in its literal translation. 'Khooni' term is also used for a killer. This gives this variety of Neelam a mystical and also terrifying aura. People who usually like to wear a Neelam are quite hesitant to wear a Khooni Neelam.