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925 Sterling Silver Salman Khan Feroza Bracelet

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Gemstone Used - Turquoise
Material Used - 925 Sterling Silver
Approx Stone Carat Wt - 15Ct
Approx Silver Use - 50 Gram

Salman Khan who worships his dad and copies everything he does, has also copied the Bracelet that his father has, Salman is been wearing this bracelet since 15 years that he loves. Salman has never removied the bracelet for any movie, Bony Kapoor had asked him to remove the bracelet for ‘Wanted’, but Salman refused to do so, But now Salman is ready to remove the bracelet for his role in Dabangg, he plays a Police character in the fillum, and the bracelet doesnt work with the looks and for that he is ready to work without the Bracelet.

The feroza turquoise bracelet is for love, power and attraction.
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