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Natural 11.45 Cts Oval Cabochon Loose Tanzanite Gemstone

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Name of Gemstone - Tanzanite
Origin of Gemstone - Tanzania
Approx Ct. Wt of Gemstone -11.45Cts 
Approx Dimension of Gemstone - 18mm/13mm/8mm
Shape / Cut of Gemstone - Oval Cabochon 

Tanzanite is a lavender purplish colored zoisite gem variety which was discovered in late 1960's at the foot of Mount Kilamanjaro, in Tanzania Africa, hence it's name. It's color comes from the presence of vanadium.A quite beautiful, delicately tinted stone, tanzanite will no longer be available when the major mines in Tanzania are depleted, and hence they are considered investment grade stones.Tanzanite is very helpful gemstone for communication.Tanzanite stone is very good stone for the people which are very stressed and over serious towards their work, it will help them to relax and take it easy.